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Fall Finds - Free Download

How quickly is fall passing us by! We almost forgot to upload our classroom's leaf identification cards and scavenger hunt, free for your classroom or home's use.

This scavenger hunt is targeted for younger children, ages 2-6, as most of the items are not hard to find on a casual fall stroll through the woods or backyard. With large chunky boxes, even children just

starting fine motor practice with pencils or crayons can manage to check them off.

Our leaf guides are targeted to children who are located in areas with with a large diversity of trees and woods, However, there are options if you don't have access to leaves around your classroom or home. You can always go online or to your local Michael's and buy an autumn wreath or bag of fake leaves for your your fall leaf activities and art projects. Just be sure to sanitize, dry, and use what you can again next year to reduce the environmental impact your classroom/home has on our planet :) In our eyes, nothing is wasted when it comes to a child learning about the world around us- but we can all work together to be conscious of the small impact we can make to reduce waste.

Find the free download below, and we would love to see your classroom set ups.

Download PDF • 1.83MB

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